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Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Diasaster Strikes...

I just read that after the hurricane Katrina, only 15 percent of the lost animals were reunited with their families.  How horrible is that.
Now that hurricane Irene has past our area, I am hoping that all the animals are safe.  It's crazy, but if you think about it, no one ever mentions the animals on the news.  Not even farm animals.  I know at our farm it was a big discussion on whether or not to leave the horses in the barn.  The concerns were, too much water, let them out, too much wind keep them a hurricane, what do you do?  They were kept in today, they were safer inside the barn than out.

I found this prayer and I will share it with you:

We call out to you, God, and ask for intercession on behalf of the animals.
Help these victims of disaster.
Give them a safe harbor, provide them with the nourishment, and quench their thirst.
Lead lost pets into kind hands and unite them with their families.
Supply wild creatures with new homes and abundant resources.
We pray for speedy recovery of all those affected by this catastrophe.
Let peace and healing fill the area.
And bless those called upon to assist during this time of tragedy.

Author unknown.

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